About Us

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Nivaplas Media Company Limited is a general media production and an advertising company based in Nairobi, Kenya. It was established in 2019 as per the laws of the Government of Kenya.

We provide fair and affordable chances for all our customers to achieve their best in personal and business growth. We stop at nothing till we achieve the finest art of communication that compels your potential buyers to stop at your door. As we compete with the ever-evolving market trends, we enhance your online presence through meticulously researched marketing strategies.

The company is set to discover and share extra quality Media products that match your input as our customer.  Where “Niva” means “beautiful,” Niva – plas (plus) aims at adding that extra touch to our services to ensure your products are too attractive to ignore.

Niva delivers: Digital marketing services, video editing and packaging, video coverage and photoshoots, documentary production and lots more as per your wish.

Our guiding principles

Setting realistic timelines is paramount to a smooth flow of service delivery. Here, we guarantee efficiency and avoid inconveniences as much as is in our power to.
On time delivery
When you work hard to buy our services, we make it count. You don’t have to over stretch to pay for our services…then quality overrides it all. Quality is a must!
Fairness & Quality
Deceits and business don’t go together. The damage is a lose - lose situation and the after effects are visible for a long haul. We value transparency and when our customers buy this, the business relationship opens bigger doors for escalation for both teams.